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The Alexandria Library, Local History/Special Collections has long been the starting point for both students of architectural and urban history and homeowners researching the history, via the available documentation, of properties in Old Town. One of the specialties of the Library is to collect materials that focus on the history of structures in Alexandria.


A special assessment of properties in the Old and Historic District of Alexandria, Virginia was conducted in the late 1960's. The assessment included 6000 properties and garnered highly detailed information about each property and included a photograph and schematic footprint. Other information included the number of rooms on each floor, the characteristics of kitchens and bathrooms, and the composition of the building materials used throughout. The original documents are located in the City of Alexandria Archives and Records Center. Few in city government are aware that these records exist and even fewer have ever seen them.


In 2002, the Library, in cooperation with the Archives and Records Center, obtained a grant to digitize 2000 records and provide online access to the digital files. The Library's commitment to the project extends beyond the project year and we plan to digitize all 6000 records. The completion of this project would not have been possible without the participation of Library staff members and volunteers including: Barbara Bassett, Van Burgess, Lawrence Marshall, Andrew Mills, Andrew Nicholson, and Barb Winters who spent hundreds of hours scanning tax records and editing the images to a usable format. There are special thanks to Kathy Chappell and Heather Muller who insured thoroughness and accuracy, while making forward progress rapid and the overall project satisfying.

Photocopies of the tax assessment records are also available.


Adams Ave. E. Adams Ave. E. Alexandria Ave. W. Alexandria Ave. Allison St.
Ancell St. Anderson St. Archer Ct. Argyle Dr. Ashby St.
E. Ashby Ashton St. N. Ashton St. Banks Pl. Bellefonte Ave.
E. Bellefonte Ave. Benning Ct. Beverley Dr. Birch St. W. Birch St.
Braddock Rd. E. Braddock Rd. W. Braddock Rd. S. Bragg St. Braxton Pl.
Bryan Rd. Burke Ave. Cambridge Rd. Cameron Mills Rd. Cameron St.
Canterbury La. Carlisle Dr. Cathedral St. W. Cedar St. Central Ave.
Circle Hill Rd. Circle Terr. N. Chambliss St. Chancel Pl. Clay St.
Clifford Ave. E. Clifford Ave. Clovercrest Dr. Cloverway Cockrell St.
Colvin St. Commonwealth Ave. Crest St. Crestwood Dr. Crown View Dr.
E. Custis Ave. Dartmouth Rd. Davis Ave. Dearborn Pl. E. Del Ray Ave.
Dewitt Ave. Dogwood Dr. N. Donelson St. Duke St. Duncan Ave.
E. Duncan Ave. N. Early St. S. Early St. Edgehill Dr. N. Fairfax St.
S. Fairfax St. Farm Rd. N. Floyd St. S. Floyd St. Fontaine St.
Fordham Rd. Forest St. W. Forest St. Ft. Williams Pkwy. Ft. Worth Ave.
Franklin St. N. Frazier St. N. Frost St. Fulton St. N. Gaillard St.
Gentry Ave. George Mason Pl. N. Gladden St. E. Glebe Rd. E. Glendale Ave.
W. Glendale Ave. N. Gordon St. E. Glendale Ave. W. Glendale Ave. N. Gordon St.
S. Gordon St. N. Grayson St. Green St. W. Groves Ave. Hancock Ave.
Harris Pl. Hayes St. Hemlock Ave. Hickory St. Highland Pl.
Hilltop Terr. Hillside Terr. Hilton St. Holly St. Holmes Run Pkwy.
E. Howell Ave. N. Howard St. S. Hudson St. Hume Ave. E. Hume Ave.
S. Ingram St. S. Iris St. Ivanhoe Pl. N. Ivanhoe St. Ivy Cir.
Jackson Pl. Janney's La. Jasper Pl. Jefferson Ct. Jefferson Davis Hwy.
Jefferson St. Jenkins St. S. Jenkins St. Jewell Ct. S. Jordan St.
Juliana Pl. Kelley Ct. Kennedy St. Kent Pl. Kenwood Ave.
King St. Kingston Ave. Kingston Pl. Knox Pl. N. Knox Pl.
LaGrande Ave. Lamond Pl. Landover St. N. Langley St. LaSalle Ave.
N. Latham St. LaVerne Ave. E. LaVerne Ave. Lawrence St. Lee Ct.
Lee Pl. S. Lee St. Leslie Ave. E. Linden St. W. Linden St.
Lloyd's La. Long View Dr. Lomack Ct. Lowell Ave. Loyola Ave.
E. Luray Ave. W. Luray Ave. Malcolm Pl. Manning St. Mansion Dr.
W. Maple St. Maplewood Pl. Maury La. E. Mason Ave. W. Masonic View Ave.
Mayer Pl. McArthur Rd. Melrose St. Minor St. Moncure Dr.
E. Monroe Ave. Montgomery St. Monticello Blvd. Moody Ct. Morgan St.
Mosby St. Moss Pl. E. Mt. Ida Ave. W. Mt. Ida Ave. Mt. Vernon Ave.
E. Myrtle St. W. Myrtle St. Nagy Pl. Naylor Pl. Nealon Pl.
E. Nelson Ave. W. Nelson Ave. Newton St. Nob Hill Ct. Oakcrest Dr.
Old Dominion Blvd. Oronoco St. Osage St. N. Owen St. Page Terr.
Palmer Pl. Park Rd. N. Paxton St. Peach St. Pegram St.
N. Pegram St. N. Pelham St. Pendleton St. N. Pickett St. Pierpont St.
Pine St. N. Pitt St. S. Pitt St. Polk Ave. Pommander Walk
Price St. Prince St. Princess St. Princeton Blvd. Prospect Pl.
Putnam Pl. Quaker La. N. Quaker La. Queen St. Quincy St.
Raleigh Ave. Ramsay Alley Randolph Ave. Randolph St. E. Randolph St.
Rapidan Ct. Raymond Ave. E. Raymond Ave. Richenbacher Ave. Richmarr Pl.
Richmond La. Ridge Rd. Dr. Robinson Ct. Roosevelt St. E. Rosemont Ave.
W. Rosemont Ave. N. Royal St. S. Royal St. Rucker Pl. Russell Rd.
Rutland Pl. Rynex Dr. Sanford Ave. Sanford St. Saylor Pl.
Scroggins Rd. Seminary Rd. Skyhill Rd. Small St. E. Spring St.
W. Spring St. N. St. Asaph St. S. St. Asaph St. St. Stephens Rd. Sterling Ave.
Stevenson Sq. N. Stevenson Sq. S. Stewart Ave. E. Stewart Ave. Stonebridge Rd.
Strand & S. Strand Strathblane Pl. Summit Ave. Sunset Dr. Stonebridge Rd.
Surry Pl. Sutton Pl. Sweeley St. Swift's Alley Sycamore St.
Sylvan Ct. Taft Ave. Taney Ave. Taylor Ave. Taylor Run Pkwy.
E. Taylor Run Pkwy. W. Taylor Run Pkwy. Terrett Ave. N. Terrill St. Thomas St.
Timber Branch Dr. Torrey Pl. Trinity Dr. Tulsa Pl. Tupelo Pl.
Tyler Pl. Uhler Ave. W. Uhler Ave. Uhler Terr. W. Uhler Terr.
Uline Ave. Underhill Pl. Underwood Pl. Union & Strand S. Union St.
Upland Pl. Usher Ave. Utica Ave. N.Vail St. Valley Dr.
N. Van Dorn St. Vassar Rd. Venable Ave. Vermont Ave. N. View Terr.
S. View Terr. W. View Terr. Viewpoint Rd. Virginia Ave. W. Walnut St.
N. Washington St. S. Washington St. Wayne St. Westminster Pl. Wilkes St.
Wilson Ave. Windsor Ave. E. Windsor Ave. W. Windsor Ave. Wolfe St.
Woodbine St. Woodland Terr. Woods Pl. Yale Dr.