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The purpose of the Alexandria Library is to provide a place, and an opportunity, for members of the public to read, study, and use the various materials that the library maintains. The Library supports the right of all citizens to take advantage of this opportunity and to do so in an atmosphere that is conducive to studying, reading, and enjoying its resources. To help ensure that this opportunity and this atmosphere are available to all its facilities, the Library has adopted the following rules of conduct. These rules, unless stated otherwise, apply to all patrons while on library property. Thus, they apply while persons are within any library building and on any library grounds. The Library shares the City of Alexandria's commitment to maintaining a drug-free environment.



  • Engage only in activities associated with the use of a public library.
  • Patrons not reading, studying or using library materials will be required to leave the building.
  • Respect the right of other patrons.



Patrons shall not engage in conduct which disrupts, disturbs, or in any way interferes with normal library operations and service, with the library staff's performance of their duties, or with the use and enjoyment of the library by other patrons. Thus, no patron shall:

  • Engage in any noisy or boisterous activity.
  • Stare at another person with the intent to annoy that person.
  • Follow another person with the intent to annoy that person.
  • Play or set electronic and/or audio equipment at a level that others can hear, sing or talk loudly to others or in a monologue, or behave in any other manner which can reasonably be expected to disturb others in their use and enjoyment of the library.
  • Consume food, drink from uncovered containers, smoke or use tobacco or tobacco products inside library buildings. To protect our materials and the archival conditions of this environment, no food or drink (even in covered or re-sealable containers) is allowed in Local History/Special Collections.
  • Use obscene, abusive, threatening or insulting language or engage in obscene acts.
  • Use or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Engage in any illegal activity.
  • Mutilate, deface, or mar any library property. Library property includes books, magazines, newspapers, audio cassettes, or other items in the library collection, and furnishings, walls, machines, and other library property.
  • Be present in the building without shirt or shoes. Patrons must wear a covering of their upper bodies and shoes or other footwear while in the library building. 
  • Bathe or wash clothing in library restrooms.
  • Sleep.
  • Bring pets or other animals (other than service animals) into a library building.
  • Leave children under eight, or others in need of supervision, unattended.
  • Steal library materials. Shopping bags, purses, briefcases, backpacks, etc. are subject to inspection by library staff or security guards.
  • Park vehicles on library premises other than in connection with the patron's use of the library. Patrons visiting the parks adjacent to the Charles E. Beatley, Jr. Central Library may park in the library's parking lot during their visit. All other vehicles are subject to towing, at the vehicle owner's expense. 
  • Rollerblade or skateboard.
  • Bring bicycles into library buildings. Bicycles should be parked and secured to the bicycle rack(s) in front of the library building.
  • Use library grounds, facilities or equipment for other than library purposes without permission of library authorities.
  • Possess weapons except for lawfully possessed firearms.
  • Sell goods.
  • Allow cell phones to ring or talk loudly on cell phones.
  • Leave unattended packages on Library property. 

A patron who is not complying with any of these rules will be required to leave the library premises. If the patron refuses to leave, the patron will be considered a trespasser, and will be subject to arrest by the Alexandria police. 

Any patron who violates these rules may be denied the privilege of access to the Alexandria Library by the Library Board, on the recommendation of the Director of Libraries. A patron whose privilege to use the library has so been denied may petition to the Library Board for reinstatement of the privilege.

 REVISED AND APPROVED BY THE LIBRARY BOARD: 18 September 1995, 19 September 2002, 16 June 2003, 19 April 2004, 15 September 2008