Tips for Reading to Your Child

Tips for Reading to Your Child

Focus on helping your child love reading and books. Children who love books and reading will read voluntarily in their school years, and more reading equals stronger reading skills.

Make reading time discussion time. While reading, ask your child to predict what will happen next. Talk about the story or pictures, especially if the child is enthusiastic. 

Set aside a portion of each day to read with your child. Many people read at bedtime, but any time is good if your child is engaged.

For very young children, select books with very few words on a page. Simple words and pictures will fascinate and inform the child about his world. Older children can also learn a lot from a book with detailed pictures and few words.

Follow your child’s lead. Don’t force your child to sit and read, but look for times when she is open to reading. Remember, a major goal of reading aloud is developing a love of books. Reread books that your child especially enjoys.