Listening is an Act of Love

StoryCorps at Alexandria Library 

StoryCorps, a nonprofit devoted to recording and sharing diverse stories of Americans, has partnered with Alexandria Library this spring, as the library celebrates community reading for its sixth annual, "All Alexandria Reads" (AAR) program. Visiting Alexandria May 20 through 22, StoryCorps will capture the lives of community members, a highlight to AAR's month-long invitation for Alexandria residents to read the nonprofit's book, Listening is an Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project. The recorded interviews, a popular segment on National Public Radio, involve two people who care about each another, where one interviews the other. The segments began broadcasting on NPR in 2005, though StoryCorps was founded in 2003.



If you would like to share your StoryCorps story, Alexandria Library will be hosting interviews and there are only 3 spots left! If interested, call Samantha Palmieri at 703-746-1742.

Thank you to those who have already signed up to be participants!

Alexandria Library is excited about its collaboration with StoryCorps, which travels to every corner of the country, and currently has one of the largest collections of American voices ever gathered—more than 70,000 interviews of Americans in all 50 states. The book, edited by StoryCorps founder and radio producer, Dave Isay, features the most remarkable stories from his collection of portraits.

“StoryCorps tells the true American story—that we are a people defined by small acts of courage, kindness and heroism. Each interview reminds people that their lives matter and will not be forgotten,” said Isay in a release. “By strengthening connections between people and building an archive that reflects the rich diversity of American voices, we hope to build StoryCorps into an enduring institution that will touch the lives of every American family.”


The Alexandria Library’s AAR Committee chose this book for the program “because its themes of love, friendship, family, and the American experience resonate deeply with our community,” said Renee DiPilato, manager of Beatley Central Library and creator of the the AAR program, which began in May of 2008. The community-centered initiative allows city residents of all ages to be on the same page in their shared experiences as they read the same book. Last year, 8,837 community members participated in the AAR program, reading The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, over 75 days in honor of the library's 75th anniversary.