Snapshot Days 2015

What does Alexandria Library offer to the community? Along with libraries around the country, our locations will be capturing the impact of the library on film, for Snapshot Day. Starting at the Burke Branch on Thursday, April 16, we'll be taking photos of our events, children's performers, computer classes, business owners doing research, and more to showcase what one can expect on a typical day at Alexandria Library.

Feel free to speak to our staff to let them know what role Alexandria Library plays in your life, and its importance to the community. Additionally, you may Tweet us comments and photos about your appreciation for Alexandria Library @alexlibraryva and include #snapshotdayAL. We'll be looking forward to your participation... and your smiles!

Snapshot Days at our locations will be as follows:

Burke: Thursday, April 16
Beatley: Saturday, April 18
Barrett: Tuesday, April 28
Duncan: Thursday, April 30

What role does Alexandria Library play in your life?