Alexandria Library Bulletin Boards and Handouts

The Alexandria Library, at its discretion, will provide reasonable space for announcements and notices of programs and activities sponsored by non-profit civic, cultural, educational, and religious groups.  The Alexandria Library will serve as a community information and distribution center for non-partisan voter information.


  • All postings on bulletin boards of the Alexandria Library must have the prior approval of an Alexandria Library administrator. Alexandria administrator refers to the Branch Manager in branch locations and to the Library's Public Information Officers. Library staff are the only individuals authorized to post approved postings on library bulletin boards.


  • Due to limited space library-related postings will be given top priority.


  • Posting of materials in no way implies that the library endorses the organization or event.


  • Postings by agencies will be for non-commercial purposes only.


  • Postings will be added and removed by Library staff at the discretion of Library administration.


  • The Director of the Alexandria Library reserves the right to make the final determination as to all postings at any Alexandria Library location.


A notice will be posted to read as follows:



Space for this notice board is provided by the City of

Alexandria and the Alexandria Library as a service to

the public.  The City and the Alexandria Library Board

do not control the actions of persons posting notices on

this board and do not vouch for the accuracy of the

information contained in, or the quality of the goods

and services advertised in such notices.


The City Attorney reviewed this policy on December 19, 1991

Adopted 10/11/89 after review by the City Attorney, Reviewed 1/05