Alexandria Library Interviews Gladys Davis

In honor of Black History Month, we pay tribute to Gladys Davis, who worked at Alexandria Library for over 60 years (1947-2008), and witnessed much transformation during her tenure. Our director, Rose Dawson sat down in Ms. Davis' home on a pleasant afternoon to interview the Alexandria native, who was raised in a row house on Queen Street just blocks from the Barrett Branch Library. In sharing her story--along with a few laughs--Ms. Davis takes us back to growing up as a child in the 1930s, being reared in a family that embraced education, and then deciding on a library career where her role in the juvenile department would help enhance learning for our town's children and their posterity. Her firsthand recollection of one of the nation's earliest Civil Rights sit-ins that took place in 1939 right here at the Barrett Branch--which will be the subject matter that C-SPAN will feature in March--is certainly compelling to hear. So get cozy, grab a snack and expect to be engaged in a history lesson brought by our beloved retiree, whose service is not only appreciated here at Alexandria Library, but by our entire community.