Managing the "MY FAVORITES" Feature

Use the Classic Catalog Interface to make changes to your FAVORITES tracking and email notifications.

Login using the "LIB CARD" (Library Barcode Number) and PIN (Last 4-digits of your registered telephone number) fields at the top of the screen. Review the links across the top of the screen and select "My Account". The top "green bar" will change and provide a few different options.

Review the options along the "green bar" at the top and select "My Profile". Here you will indicate if you want the system to track your checkouts (subjects and authors) and send you email notifications when the library purchases new material that match your topics and authors. To REMOVE this information and end the email notifications follow the below instructions:


  • DESELECT the checkbox "I want all authors and subjects of items I check out be counted automatically as "My Favorites." Click "OK".
  • Select the SEARCH/HOME link at the top of the screen.
  • Go to the "What Others Are Reading" box beneath the Quick Search box. At the VERY BOTTOM beneath the "My Favorite Subjects" list select the "MORE FAVORITES" link.
  • Note that "green" task bar has changed again. There is now a "MODIFY" link option. Select the "Modify" link on the green task bar.
  • To completely stop the email notifications you must select and remove ALL Authors and All Subjects. (Note: Library staff cannot re-add this information once it has been deleted by account owners.)
  • If you wish to simply "modify" your lists select the check box next to the author or subject you want to remove and select the "Remove Selected Subjects" button.