What are "eBooks"?

"eBooks" are books that have been converted to electronic or digital form. Most are readable on standard computers through applications downloaded onto the computer or through formats for mobile platforms on portable devices.


What is a "downloadable"?

A "downloadable" is a book in electronic or digital form that can be downloaded onto a computer's harddrive or transferral to a portable audio device for audio playback or reading. The term "downloadable" conveys the idea that the item is electronic.


What is the difference between and "eAudiobook" and an "audiobook"?

The library's catalog identifies these formats in the title line and through icons. eAudiobooks are audio books that have been converted into digital form for download to a portable device. The audiobooks in the library's collection are usually on disk and are designed to be played on a compatible disk player. Most of the audiobooks on disk are in the .WMA format. The library also provides audiobooks on disk in the compressed .MP3 format.


What is the difference between the MP3 audiobooks on disk and the downloadable MP3 audiobooks available in OverDrive?

There is no difference in the playback. .MP3 is a compressed file format. The MP3 audiobooks on disk are compressed files primarily for easier portability (1-2 disks instead of 20 in .WMA). MP3 disks require a compatible disk player. Consult the instruction manual on your disk player for MP3 compatibility. Most of the MP3 audiobooks on disk can be saved to a computer's harddrive and transferred to a portable device that supports the .mp3 format. The downloadable MP3 audiobooks in the OverDrive collection are compressed for download and transfer to a compatible portable device.


OverDrive has eBooks in .EPUB and .PDF format. Is this the same with eBooks on EBSCO and can I download the EBSCO ones?

EPUB and PDF are normal file types for digital books. EPUB is currently the file type of choice for the large book publishers. Other file types are out in the Web universe as well. Alexandria Library purchases OverDrive eBooks primarily in .EPUB and .PDF formats. Both file types will open and run in most electronic reading devices. eBooks on EBSCO are in the .PDF format only. Some titles can be downloaded and opened on a standard computer. The ebooks on EBSCO titles are currently only transferable to Apple IOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).


How do I obtain additional eBook "HELP" information?

Please visit OverDrive's "Getting Started" page to learn more about "EPUB" and "PDF" eBook formats. For complete information on device compatibilities, click on OverDrive's eAudioBook or eBook campatibility pages. For other questions, please click on "OverDrive Help" page or the Library's "How Do I...? regarding questions about other eBook platform issues.


What Happened to "NetLibrary"?

"NetLibrary" was absorbed by EBSCO Inc. and is now called "eBooks on EBSCO". Some eBook readers are compatible with eBooks on EBSCO materials and are available for download. Patrons can "checkout" some titles for 7 days. Only materials with a "CHECKOUT AND DOWNLOAD" in the review box are available for download. Patrons must establish an account (a library Patron ID card number is required) before they can checkout and download materials. Please note, our online catalog does not link directly to all eBooks on EBSCO database titles so please access eBooks on EBSCO titles via the Library’s online database link.