Download Travel eBooks For On-The-Go Access

If you’re seeking trip destinations, Alexandria Library has you covered with eBooks and digital articles from Lonely Planet, DK Eyewitness Travel Guides, and Rough Guides.

 Lonely Planet Destination Guides

Lonely Planet Destination Guide eBooks are available through Freading and each title can be downloaded in its entirety. Visit our Freading Collection and click on "Destination Guides" in the featured column on the left side of the page.

 DK Eyewitness Travel Guides and Rough Guides

We've also added to our online catalog a collection of digital travel books from our Gale Virtual Reference Database. Browse among DK Eyewitness Travel Guides and Rough Guides to find your next vacationing spot. Follow the following steps and learn how to download PDFs, at the article level, to your mobile device to take with you on your trip:

1) If you have a specific place in mind, choose "Travel eBooks" in the first drop down menu and type in the name of your desired destination. If you would like to browse the collection, click here to display all of the titles in our digital travel collection.

1) Find your title in our Travel eBooks collection



2) Click on the URL.

2) Click on the eBook link.



3) Click Table of Contents to view the downloadable articles. You can only download at the article level and cannot download the entire book. 

3) Click Table of Contents to view the downloabled articles.



4) Continue to narrow down to the article level

4) Continue to narrow down to the article level.


5) Click on the article title

5) Click on the article title.


6) Here you can see how many pages is in the article and either printemail, or download the article in PDF or .html format.

6) Here you can see how many pages is in the article and either print, email, or download the article as a PDF.



7) Choose your format option and click "Download".

7) Choose your format option and click "Download".


8) Once you have downloaded your articles, locate them on your computer, then transfer them to your mobile device for later reading. Or follow the above steps on your mobile device and download the articles directly.