Cultural Mosaic: A Celebration of Diversity at Alexandria Library

The Alexandria Library values diversity and inclusion that extends beyond the obvious culture, gender, ethnicity and religion to include all forms of differences. In fact, our staff represents 5 continents and speaks 20 different languages. October is National Diversity Awareness Month and the Alexandria Library is celebrating with an Open House. 

In addition to hosting storytimes, movies, bookclub discussions, staff picks and book displays; various artifacts and items from library staff’s personal cultural experiences and/or international travel have been assembled for a rotating cultural display. The cultural display will travel to each branch location for a full week during the month of October beginning at Duncan, then Burke, Barrett and finally Beatley Central. 

Rotating Cultural Display

 Beatley Central: September 29 - October 5
 Burke Branch: October 9 - 12
 Barrett Branch: October 15 - 19
 Duncan Branch: October 22 - 26