Meet Local Author Jameela Alter to Discuss Her Novel, On Clipped Wings

Jameela Alter

Join the Duncan Branch Library Book Discussion Group on Wednesday, January 16 at 7:00 p.m. and meet local author, Jameela Alter, who will share details in writing her novel, On Clipped Wings. Her book is set in Calcutta, India, and explores the dichotomy between two daughters--one cultured and wealthy, the other a beggar girl loved by her family. Both girls take us on a cultural, transformative journey shaped by Hindus, Muslims, and Christians spanning four continents. Alter's compelling story of clashing religions, castes, and cultures was nominated, "Book of the Year," by Foreword Magazine in 2007.

A trained Montessori teacher, Jameela Alter holds a MA in Education from Loyola College and undergraduate degrees at Bowie State University and Loreto College in Calcutta, India.