All Alexandria Reads 2014 Books and Resources

If you enjoyed When Washington Was in Vogue: a Lost Novel of the Harlem Renaissance, consider these books and resources for more information about the 1920s and Washington D.C.




Books for Young Adult Readers

Chapter Books and Picture Books for Children



Art Deco Society of Virginia
Located in Richmond, VA. A not-for-profit membership organization designed to preserve and promote the Commonwealth’s art deco history. Events include the Annual Gatsby Picnic.

The Art Deco Society of Washington
Founded in 1982, the ADSW has saved important Washington-area architecture such as the Silver Theatre. The website features links to 800 related sites and sponsored events.

History Channel Roaring Twenties
Information and videos of 1920s topics such as prohibition, the jazz age, the changing roles of women, and the invention of sliced bread!

Smithsonian Magazine History of the Flapper
A five-part series detailing the new freedoms women were expressing in behavior, politics and clothing in the 1920s. 

Edward Christopher Williams Biography from DC Public Library (DCPL)
The nation’s first African American Librarian and the author of this year’s AAR choice.

The Black Renaissance in Washington DC 1920s-1930s (DCPL)
Black Studies Center Special Collections from the DC Public Library showing how Washington mirrored the Harlem Renaissance.

U Street and the Birth of Jazz from George Washington University
Details the performers, music venues, and businesses important to 1920s African American society in Washington.

Moorland Spingarn Research Center at Howard University
A wide-range of research resources chronicling the Black Experience.