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StoryCorps set out to record an oral history of America with the voices of everyday people. This book is a collection of the most compelling excerpts from more than 10,000 interviews recorded. And they are compelling. Each one captures a moment in time – historical, emotional or personal – that make us who we are. As simple stories of humanity, each one has its own potency, with themes of family, love, dedication and struggle.

--From Publishers Weekly

Alexandria Library invites you to read
Listening in an Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project

Facilitated by the Alexandria Library, this program is designed to create shared experiences through reading. Everyone is invited to read the featured title and selected books for younger readers. Join the events and discussions that relate to the themes of Listening is an Act of Love and experience the many ways that people throughout the world communicate their stories.

If you enjoyed Listening is an Act of Love, consider these books and online resources for more information about oral histories and storytelling.


We welcome the community to share their thoughts on the featured book and their life experiences on our Facebook and Twitter (#AARStoryCorps) pages.  We'll be asking questions to spark ideas about our city's shared experiences of humanity, with themes of love, friendship, family, and American life.