"The Senior Class:" Index to Yearbooks from Alexandria (VA) High Schools, 1919-1951

The Alexandria Library, Special Collections has among its collections, a run of yearbooks for several of the high schools which served the city: Alexandria High School, "The Alecko" (1919-1935); George Washington High School, "The Compass" (1936-1965); and T.C. Williams High School, "Cerberus" (1966- ).   This project indexes the photographs of the members of the senior classes depicted therein.


For several decades, the schools included students from adjacent areas of Fairfax County, including locations as distant as Fort Belvoir.   The public schools in Alexandria had their share of graduates who achieved success in their given fields of endeavor. Quite a number of men attained high military rank, we have politicians, a television celebrity, and the father of a film actor.


This database includes more than 4,700 students from the classes of 1919-1951.   The files are large and may take a few moments to appear on your monitor screen.   The collection does not include the 1921 yearbook.   The collection includes only photocopies of the 1937 and 1949 editions; this will affect the quality of photographic or digital reproduction that is possible.   We would be grateful for the donation of the yearbooks for these classes in order to complete the project.


Photocopies, studio quality reprints, or digital scans of the students whose images are indexed are available.   Please check the price list, or contact the Library for details.


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