"Fort Warren July 13th/[18]65

My dearest Wife

I have yours of 6th inst. & have nothing new to say to you in reply. the information we get here through letters from friends, still encourage us to hope the time is drawing near for our release. I fear my dear you confine yourself too much to the house, it could be of service to your health & spirit if you would visit among your friends & take exercise in the open air; the dear little Daughter would not suffer I am sure if you were to leave her in the care of Margaretta or some of your friends while you take the necessary exercise to preserve your health. I grieve to hear the deal little creature is still delicate. I do hope & pray she may be a robust little woman take care of your health my dear for the sake of our child & for my sake, like yourself I should be contented with very little indeed, of this worlds [sic] goods if I could be restored to my family, & have peace & quiet for the rest of my days, I should like to hear very much from W. how matters are in Alexa & whether or not he designs returning. I want to see him very much & all of our precious ones. I hope the Road will soon be in running order to Alexa that you can communicate more frequently with your friends in that direction, I should like very much to have a talk with Douglas about business before I return to Va. so if by good fortune I should be released soon, I would have to delay a day or two on the road. Nothing not positively important will prevent me from being with you my love with the least possible delay.

God bless & keep you in all temporal & spiritual good is my earnest prayer - love to all

Your devoted Husband

M.D. Corse"

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