"April 3d/ [18]65

My Dearest Wife

We have suffered a great disaster without a doubt, I do not know but am afraid Richmond will have to fall - or we may change our lines moving from Amelia C. H. back to Richd. God only knows what will be done with us. In the event of our having to leave Richd you will try had better remain my love & wait until you can get out to me. You would be subjected to great inconvenience & suffering if you left with the un[...] which will doubtless throng the trains & every means of conveyance. You can come to me after a while my love, but if I possible make any provision for you to join me in such an event as the evacuation I will doubtless consult with Julia she will advize [sic] with you. I will take all the cair [sic] I can of my self, my love consistent with my duty. God bless & preserve you & spare us to each other. Kiss our dear little one for me a thousand times pray in faith for me, my darling wife. God grant that we may be spared to each other.

Your devoted husband


[Ed. note: "our dear little one" was their eldest child, Virginia Beverley Corse, 1863/4-1919. The original letter was written in pencil on blue paper. The image was edited for greater legibility.]
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