Alexander Peter Stewart
b. October 2, 1821, Rogersville, Tenn.
d. August 30, 1908, Biloxi, Miss.

Stewart graduated in 1842 from West Point but resigned the from the army in 1845 to teach at West Point, Cumberland University and later at Nashville University. Even though he was an anti-secessionist Whig, he volunteered for the Confederacy. He initially organized camps of instruction, teaching soldiers how to use heavy artillery. He then commanded batteries at Columbus, Ky., the Siege of Corinth, Stone's River, and Chickamauga. He then lead the Army of Tennessee after Polk's death and was promoted to lieutenant general in June 1864. He was wounded at Ezra Church in July 1864 and then later was paroled in April 1864. After the war, Stewart returned to Cumberland University to teach, then moved to St. Louis to work as an insurance executive. He later was chancellor of the University of Mississippi, and commissioner of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.

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