Martin Luther Smith
b. September 9, 1819, Danby, N.Y.
d. July 29, 1866, Savannah, Ga.

Born in New York from a Maine family, Smith graduated from West Point in 1842. Before the Civil War, he was assigned to the topographical engineers and served almost entirely in the south. His wife was from Athens, Ga. and in April 1861, he resigned from the Union to join the Confederate Army. He was assigned to New Orleans to work on the city's defenses under General David Twiggs, then to Vicksburg where also designed the city's defenses  and made major general in November 1862. In July 1863 when the city of Vicksburg fell, he was paroled but not exchanged until March 1864. He then became chief engineer of the Army of Northern Virginia and then the Army of Tennessee and toward the end of the war, prepared the defenses of Mobile. After the war, he returned to his wife's home state of Georgia and opened a civil-engineering office in Savannah but died suddenly soon after the war's end.


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