Harry Thompson Hays
b. April 14, 1820, Wilson County, Tenn.
d. August 21, 1876, New Orleans, Miss.

Before the war, Hays was an attorney who studied law in Baltimore and practiced in New Orleans. He did have military experience from the Mexican War and entered the Confederate Army as a colonel with the 7th Louisiana. After fighting at the First Battle of Bull Run and the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862, he was promoted to brigadier general in July of 1862. He lost half of his unit at Antietam and led his men at Fredericksburg in December of 1862, at Chancellorville in May of 1863, and at Gettysburg in July of 1863 where he directed his troops in gaining Cemetery Hill. He was briefly captured in November 1863 at Rappahannock Station but escaped. After the war, Hays went back to New Orleans where he served as parish sheriff until removed by the Federal Government. He then returned to the law until this death of Bright's disease.

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