Franklin Gardner
b. January 29, 1823, New York, N.Y.
d. April 29, 1873, Vermillionville, La.

Although Gardner was from a Union family, his father was the former Adjutant General of the U.S. Army, he married a woman from Louisiana. He attended West Point and graduated 17th from the class of 1843. He served in the Mexican War and was stationed in Utah territory until the Civil War started. He was commissioned a colonel in the Confederate Army in March of 1861, and the U.S. Army charged him with abandoning his post and was dropped from their payroll in May 1861. In July of 1863, Gardner led his men through a long siege at Port Hudson, Louisiana, before having to to unconditionally surrender after heavy assaults from Union troops. He was taken prisoner and exchanged in August of the next year. Gardner was commissioned brigadier general in April 1862 and promoted to major general officially during his confinement in 1864. After the war, he worked as a farmer until his death.

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