James Ronald Chalmers
b. January 11, 1831, Halifax County, Va.
d. April 9, 1898, Memphis, Tn.

A lawyer before the war, Chalmers served as district attorney of Holly Springs, Mississippi and was a member of the Mississippi state secession convention. Even though he had no military experience, he was commissioned a colonel of the 9th Mississippi at the start of the war. Courtrooms must have been good battle practice as Chalmers proved himself more than adept in infantry and cavalry command. He was liked by Gen. Braxton Bragg and was commissioned brigadier general in 1862. Chalmers fought at Shiloh and and later went to Kentucky where he was injured at Hell's Half-Acre. After recuperating, he transferred to the cavalry where he was nicknamed "Little 'Un." After the war, he returned to Mississippi where worked as an attorney and was a U.S. Representative for the state for three terms (1876, 1878, and 1882). He later moved to Memphis and practiced law there.

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