John Stevens Bowen
b. October 30, 1830, Savannah, Ga.
d. July 13, 1863, Raymond, Miss.

After finishing 13th from West Point's 1853 class, Bowen was assigned to frontier duty. In May 1856, he resigned his commission to move to St. Louis and work as an architect. At the beginning of the war, he was a captain with the Missouri State Militia and was taken prisoner when Camp Jackson was seized in May 1861. On his release, he quickly organized the the 1st Missouri Infantry and was advanced to brigadier general in May 1862. He fought at Shiloh and the battles leading up to the Siege of Vicksburg, and after Port Gibson he was promoted to major general on May 25, 1863. On July 3rd of that year, Bowen met with Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant to negotiate the unconditional surrender of Confederate troops at Vicksburg. He was paroled but died of dysentery on July 13th on a farm outside Raymond, Mississippi. He was buried at the farm but in July 1887, his remains were moved to the Confederate Cemetery in Vicksburg.

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