James Jay Archer
b. December 19, 1817, Bel Air, Md.
d. October 24, 1864, Richmond, Va.

Although Archer practiced as a lawyer, he volunteered during the Mexican War, and in 1855 he joined the regular U.S. Army as a captain. He resigned his commission when the war began and was assigned as a colonel in the 5th Texas. Archer was eventually promoted through the ranks to major general in 1863. During his commission, he served through such battles as the Seven Day's Campaign, the Second Bull Run (where his horse was killed from underneath him), the Antietam Campaign, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. He was captured west of Gettysburg and imprisoned for a year at Johnson's Island, Ohio. Archer's health, already in decline, suffered during his imprisonment. Even though he was freed in a prisoner exchange in the late summer of 1864, he was not able to regain his strength and passed away a short time later.

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