Edward Porter Alexander
b. May 26, 1835, Washington Ga.
d. April 28, 1910, Savannah, Ga.

Known as "Porter," he graduated 3rd in the West Point Class of 1857 and was an engineer and artillerist. He resigned his commission from the U.S. Army in May 1861. Alexander joined the Confederate Army and advanced from captain to brigadier general mostly in its artillery service. He took part in the First Battle of Bull Run and the Battle of Gettysburg and toward the end of the war, he was with the Army of Northern Virginia.  Shortly after the Battle of the Crater, he was seriously wounded but recuperated and was able to join the Virginia troops for their final march to Appomattox where he was surrendered and paroled there. Following the war, Alexander returned to engineering and aided the railroads and other industries and even held minor public offices.

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