Montgomery Corse's Walk

416 N. Washington Street - Montgomery Corse's home and the place of departure. VF Washington Street #1326.

Montgomery Corse's Home

After going from Washington to King Street and turning left, Corse proceeded to the market. VF Market Square #892.

Market Square

From the market it is a short distance to the corner of King and Fairfax Streets to visit Burke & Herbert Bank. This picture shows the blizzard of 1899; it dates to four years after Corse's death, but shows the Burke and Herbert bank as he would have seen it. From 1871 to 1903 the bank occupied this Italianate building (far right in photograph); in 1903 the building was radically remodeled and took on its current look with columns and quoins, and in 1938 it underwent another significant expansion. McKenney #3.

Burke and Herbert Bank

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