Letter to Alexandria City Council

From the Alexandria Library Special Collections, Alexandria City Records - Box 19II, Folder 24.

This letter records a council meeting on December 8, 1846 in which it was resolved to provide $400 for uniforms for the company of volunteers forming in Alexandria. A transcription is provided below.

Letter, page 1 Letter, page 2

Public notice having been given, a meeting of the citizens convened at the old Court Room this day 8th Dec 1846. On motion of Major Rob Brockett Wm Veitch Esqr Mayor, was called to the chair, and R.S. Douglas appointed Secty. The Chairman stated the object of the meeting, was for the purpose of considering the best and surest means of uniforming the Company of volunteers now about to organize in Alexa to form a portion of the Virginia Regiment for the War at present existing between the UStates and Mexico on motion of Maj Brockett the following resolutions were unanimously adopted 1st Resolved that the Common Council of Alexa be requested by this meeting to furnish to the Volunteer Company now about to organize in this town in pursuance of a call made by the President of the UStates to the Governor of the state of Virginia to compose part of the quota of said state to serve in the Army of the UStates during the war with Mexico or until sooner discharged, a suitable undress[?] uniform, and that Four hundred dollars be appropriated for the above purpose. 2nd Res. Resolved that the chairman of this meeting convene the Common Council and notify them of the above resolutions forthwith. On motion of Maj. Brockett
the meeting adjourned.
Wm. Veitch Chairman
R.S. Douglas Secty

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