Nancy Lee Fendall Tackett's letter to her mother from Paris, 1926

From the Alexandria Library Special Collections, Fendall-Tackett Collection (currently being processed).

In 1926, Nancy Lee Fendall Tackett went on a trip to Europe which included England, Switzerland, Belgium, and France; Paris was the last city she visited. Nancy stayed at the Hotel Bergère and went to many of the same sites a current tourist would see but also some that were unique to the period. She shopped at Galeries Lafayette, saw the Eiffel Tower but did not climb it ("it takes two hours to do it and somehow it did not appeal to me to go up that high"), drove the Champs Elysées, loved Notre Dame, and at night went to the Folies Bergères and a cabaret. However, she also saw the "Pantheon de Guerre," a "huge panorama of the war showing the positions of the various allies and their leaders" and the place where Big Bertha had decapitated a statue of St. Luke.

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