Paul Arnould Cherui

P.A. Cherui was a French citizen living on Fairfax Street in Alexandria who was appointed as a vice-consul of the French Republic in June 1793 by F. Moissonnier, France's consul in Baltimore. The following article appeared in the Virginia Gazette and Alexandria Advertiser on July 11, 1793, p. 1.

Cherui appointment article

A large portion of the duties of a consul or vice-consul were concerned with shipping and vessels, as well as with the goods and effects of expatriate citizens. Cherui published the following two notices in the Columbian Mirror and Alexandria Gazette on February 28, 1795 (p. 3) and May 7, 1795 (p. 4) respectively--they illustrate his work and his attempts to balance the needs of both American and French citizens. (The article in French notifies French citizens residing on the Potomac River that arrangements have been made to transport qualified refugees who have no funds back Guadeloupe and other islands if they present their case to the vice-consulate any day before noon.)

Newspaper notice 1 Newspaper notice 2

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