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July 2006

A Medicinal Dictionary (Volume I) Written by R. James, MD and Owned by George Washington, 1743

The bookplate states: "This volume was a Donation from Genl Washington to Dr. Craigg & from him to James B Nicholl Esq & from him to the Alexandria Library Company" bookplate 
title page  skeleton
medical tools
Volume I decribes "physic, surgery, anatomy, chymistry, and botany" relative to medicine. It includes a history of drugs and several copperplate illustrations of anatomy, surgical procedures, and medical instruments. Click on a link to view: "Explications of the Tables in Volume the First", "head tools", more medical tools, and text from a section of the dictionary.

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  • Ruth Lincoln Kaye. Eighteenth Century Medicine in Alexandria, Virginia, 1749-1799
  • Medical College of Virginia Foundation and the American Association of the History of Medicine. Symposium on Colonial Medicine: In Commemoration of the 350th Anniversary of the Settlement of Virginia
  • Kay K. Moss. Southern Folk Medicine, 1750-1820
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