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May 2005

Alexandria Plat Maps from 19th Century Chancery Suits

Duke, Prince, Payne & Fayette

The Special Collections staff had the opportunity to make digital copies of several maps associated with 19th century chancery suits. Other maps in this group are "Irwin's Wharf -- King & Union Streets (1844)," "Potomac Strand -- King & Union Streets (1844), "Water Lots Between King & Prince Streets (ca 1845)," and "Plat of Alexandria Showing Waterfront Improvements (1845)."

Note: The original maps are housed in the Arlington County Courthouse. Printed copies of the maps are available in the Maps Collection.

Related Resources
  • T. Michael Miller. "Wandering Along the Waterfront: The Prince to Duke Street Corridor," Fireside Sentinel, September/October 1993
  • T. Michael Miller. "The Prince to Duke Street Waterfront, Part II," Fireside Sentinel, November/December 1993
  • T. Michael Miller. "The Prince to Duke Street Waterfront, Part II (Continued)" Fireside Sentinel, January/February 1994
  • Microfilm: Alexandria City -- Tax & Fiscal -- Property Tax Books, 1870-1950 (microfilm #00603)
  • Microfilm: Alexandria City -- Tax Ledgers, 1856-1899 (microfilm #00027)
  • Vertical Files: Waterfront (3 files)

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