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February 2005

Roll of Honor. Names of Soldiers, Victims of the Rebellion, Buried in the National Cemetery

at Alexandria, Virginia, January 27, 1866

Roll of Honor Cover The listing of USCT begins here. 

This document was published by the U.S. Government Printing Office in Washington, DC pursuant to General Order No. 10 from the Quartermaster General's Office. The preface itemizes the number of white soldiers (3,367) and sailors (2), white citizens (1), white females (2), and "colored soldiers" (229).

It describes the cemetery as "admirably adapted for burial purposes, and has been laid off into blocks, and ranges, similar to the National Cemetery in this city. Well-kept gravel walks traverse the grounds, the graves have been sodded, and white tablets, lettered in black, are placed at the head of each, giving name, rank, regiment, and date of death. A neat office has been erected for the accommodation and convenience of visitors. Every care and attention have been bestowed by the officer in charge in ornamenting and beautifying this cemetery, and making it a suitable resting place for our deceased soldiers."

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