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September 2004

Transcribed Deed Conveying Ownership of Property to Methodist Protestant Church, May 15, 1899

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This document is a transcribed deed that conveys the property "on the west side of Washington Street, between King and Cameron Streets" (110 S. Washington Street) to the trustees of the Methodist Protestant Church. The transcript was issued to the church.

The text of the document follows:

This Deed, made this 15th day of May, 1899 between John P. Ahern, Trustee of the first part; Jas. R. Caton, N. S. Greenaway, R. E. L. Tyler, Edgar Lyles, Charles Hanzmon, Augustus Dean, and J. W. Summers, Trustees of the congregation of the Methodist Protestant Church of the City of Alexandria, Virginia of the second part, and Michael A. Ahern of the third part, all of Alexandria, Va.

Whereas, by Deed dated June 19th, 1893 and recorded in the Deed Book, No. 31, page 43 of the Land records of Alexandria, Va., James R. Caton, etal, Trustees of the congregation of the Methodist Protestant Church of the City of Alexandria, Va., did convey to the said John P. Ahern, all that lot of ground with the buildings and improvements thereon, situated on the West side of Washington Street, between King and Cameron Streets, and in said deed described by metes and bounds, in trust to secure to the said Michael A. Ahern, the payment of the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars and the interest to accrue thereon; and whereas the said debt and interest has been fully paid off and discharged and the said parties of the second part are entitled to a release of the said property.

Now, This Deed Witnesseth, That in consideration of the premises, and of the sum of one dollar and by and with the consent and direction of the said Michael A. Ahern, testified to by his becoming a party to this release and executing the same, the said part of the first part doth grand and release unto the said parties of the second part, the above discribed property, with all rights and appurtenances to the same belonging And the said party of the third part, hereby releases all claims and demands upon the said property under or by virtue of the said deed of trust.

Witness the following signatures and seals.

John P. Ahern (Seal)
Michael A. Ahern (Seal)

State of Virginia } to wit
City of Alexandria}

I, Julius Pelton, a Justice of the Peace in and for the City and State aforesaid do certify that John P. Ahern, Trustee, and Michael A. Ahern, whose names are signed to the writing hereto annexed, bearing date on the 15th day of May 1899, have acknowledged the same before me in my City aforesaid.

Given under my hand this 15th day of May 1899.

Julius Pelton
Justice of the Peace
Corporation Court of the City of Alexandria
Clerk’s Office May 16th 1899

This deed was received and with the annexed certificate admitted to record.


John S. Beach

Transcribed by Rita Holtz, September 2004

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