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May 2004

Alexandria Water Company, Property Book, 1867

The first section of the book lists property owners and tenants. Each entry includes a brief description of the property and its water use. Examples of water use include "7 wash basins, 4 water closets," "H2O in yard," and "soda fountains, store and kitchen."

The second section consists of "drawings of squares." Each schematic shows water service into various structures on a city block.

Just after the Civil War, Richard Henry Lloyd lived on the corner of Washington and Queen in a brick dwelling built around 1797-1798. The neighboring structures housed an office of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands (popularly known as the Freedmen's Bureau) and a school for African-Americans.

Place the cursor over the image to view a detail of the schematic.

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  • Steven J. Shephard. Obtaining Water and Discarding Waste: An Overview of Attitudes and Practices in Nineteenth-Century Alexandria, Virginia
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