A Court held for Fairfax County the 21st Jany. 1822

Hannah a Negro Slave the property of the Honourable Bushrod Washington who was Committed to the Jail of this County by warrant under the hand and seal of Laurence Lewis, a Gentlemen, a Justice of the force for the County of Fairfax and Charged with an attempt to poisen the family of Leland Seale being free White persons of said County, being this day brought before the Court and arraigned, pleaded, Not Guilty, Wherefrom Thomas W. Hewitt is assigned as Council for the said prisoner, and the several Witnesses on the part of the prosecution being sworn and examined, and on hearing the Arguments as well as the attorney for the Commonwealth as the Counsel for the prisoner and mature deliberation thereon had His unanimous opinion of the Court that the said Hannah is guilty of plotting the death of the said Leland Seale, Wife and Child and of administering arsenic to the said Leland, his wife and Child to effect that object, therefore it is Considered and adjudged by the Court that the said Hannah be taken back to the jail from where she Came, there to be safely held until Friday the first day of March next, and thence from the said jail to the place of execution, where she to be hanged by the Neck, between the Hours of 10, oClock in the morning and 4, oClock in the afternoon until she is dead.

The Court doth value the said Slave at the price of fifty Dollars which is ordered to be Certified to the Auditor of Publick accounts.

A Copy from the Minutes of the Court

Teste WestMorld Co

Transcribed by Andrew Mills, December 2003

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