Know all men by those present that I Bushrod Washington of Fairfax County have constituted and appointed, word do by those present constitute and appoint John H. Hanley of Fairfax County as my lawful attorney for me and in my name to receive the amount of the annexed Certificate of the evaluation of Hannah by the County Court of Fairfax, and generally to do and perform all and every act necessary in the process which I myself could do if personally ?. As witness my hand and seal this nineteenth of September 1823

Bush. Washington

Fairfax County Va This day personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace for the County appointed the above named Bushrod Washington who acknowledged now the above power of attorney to be in act and deed and that he desired the same for the purpose therein mentioned. As witness my hand this 19th day of September in the year 1823

George Payton

Transcribed by Andrew Mills, December 2003

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