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August 2003

Souvenir Virginia Tercentennial of Historic Alexandria, Virginia,
Past and Present Alexandria, Virginia: Chamber of Commerce, 1907



Alexander J. Wedderburn wrote "Alexandria has in store a bright future if her people will but seize the tide in its flood and present to the world their faith in this city by working to build up the manufacturing and commercial interests to which its location and natural advantages justily entitle it….Alexandria is only beginning to take its proper position and that its future will be marked by progress in every stage."

The souvenir booklet includes a chronology and glowing narrative about its citizens and enterprises. It is enhanced by dozens of photographs and drawings: prominent Alexandrians and their homes, churches and cemeteries, factories and business establishments. It also describes the city's sesqui-centennial of 1899.

Reflecting the time, no mention is made of the significant contributions of women or people of color who lived in the city during this period.


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