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Our building permits collection is the source of this month's document. The collection includes requests for permission from the City to change, repair or improve Alexandria structures. Each document has the name of the owner and the address of the property, along with a description of the work to be done. Some permits, like one for 1456 Duke Street, below, also include detailed drawings showing the proposed changes.

The collection (Manuscript Boxes 40-45) includes permits as old as 1892 and as recent as 1929. A large number of houses and other buildings are included, although not every building in Alexandria has a permit in the collection. Some addresses, however, have more than one permit. This collection is useful for people researching the history of their home or any other structure; an index to the collection exists, arranged by address, owner and date. Photocopies of building permits are available. Please contact the library by phone (703-838-4577 ext. 213), by mail (717 Queen St., Alexandria, VA 22314) or by e-mail if you are interested in looking up a particular property.

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