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Winchester Va. Apr 24. 1861

In such seasons of emergency as these we feel justified in calling on our friends to render us any service that may be in their power, even if need be to take some trouble in our behalf: therefore I enclose this letter to you with the request that you will send it to Neen[?] if by any means you can do so. Our mail to Washington has been very irregular for some time and has now stopped altogether. I knew of no other way of communicating with them than thro' Alexandria and felt sure that no friend in that city would make more ch[torn] or earnest efforts to aid than you. If ever I can return the favor in any way I will be delighted with the privilidge. We are all well and trying to be hopeful. Ed and Alph are both in Baltimore. Ed in the ranks of the volunteers. We scarcely feel that Neen[?] and her little ones are more safe at Washington. If you should find it impossible to forward this letter, please burn it -- it is only valuable as news from home. Give my love to your Mother and other friends. We all remember you with affection and the rest would send messages but I am writing late at night and they have retired.

Truly your friend
Gus V. Wilson

John J. McCormick Esq.

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