"St. Augustine & Fla

Dear Sir

  I wrote to Edward some time since, saying that I feared my means would not allow his remaining at school longer than the present quarter, which I think expires in May. but I have since arranged it so, that I could without much inconvenience to myself have let him remain, perhaps two quarters longer, but I find that his mind is so fixed on coming home that I think he would not benefit by his studies. - The Pay Master is now absent & I cannot until his return get a check to send to him to pay his expenses to Charleston: I have written to him urging him to remain with you until Fall, and apply himself to his studies; but should he leave, if you will do me the favor to let him have sufficient cash to pay his journey to Charleston, I will immediately repay you when I know the amount. -

Respectfully yrs.

M.D. Dummett

To Caleb S. Hallowell & Brother




"Norfolk July the 15th 1843

Dear Sir

  My Son arrived at home on Wensday [sic] morning in the Washington Boat. I was very much surprised to see him before the vacation took place. and when I heard the cause it grieved me much. it is the first account I have ever had of his having any difference with any person. I received your letter on thirsday [sic] and had there been any Boat going to Washington I should have taken Edmund Back to you..but as the vacation takes place in a few days it is not worth the expence [sic] of going and returning so soon but I hope you will forgive this offence and consider my son your student when you resume your school. I trust you will not have any fault to find with him in future. he is sorry it happened I know. I have repramanded [sic] him severely. I hope he will remain with you untill [sic] his education is finished you will be so kind as to answer this amediately [sic] and let me know what time in September your school opens. I believe there is [sic] a few articles of Clothing such as flannel that he can not well do with out. you will please have them sent on Board the Steamer Oseola in the care of Capt. Mitchell. and you will oblige your friend.

Yours Respectfully

E.S. Kimmel"



"Washington April 13th 1843


  Being about to leave this, I will thank you to request my son John to join me tomorrow at as early an hour as possible, he had better come over immediately after breakfast.   You will please send me your acct. which I will meet with a draft on the Bank of the Metropolis of this city which I suppose will answer your purpose.   I thank you for the attention you have bestowed on my sons and have to regret that their conduct should have given you so much past cause to complain of them.

I write with much respect

Your ob Servt

Joseph M. Hernandez

[.] Caleb Hallowell & Brother"

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