Diary, May 30, 1861


"Thursday, May 30th.

    Some Loyal (!) citizens are showing their sympathies for Lincoln and his acts, and a few who but a short time ago publicly declared that their fate was with Virginia have so modified their views as to be willing to accept an office, and to take the obnoxious oath prepared by this infamously corrupt administration, and I record in this connection with great regret the name of W.D.M...once esteemed by me as a gentleman above reproach. R.B..., Son C.S.H...L. McK... T.F.C..., T.V..., & T.E... are freely spoken of as being supporters of the tyrannic crew who now control the old ship of State."

"Landing of Ellsworth's Zouaves at Alexandria.."
The New-York Illustrated News, June 8, 1861
Original from the Library's Collection
Federal Forces

Diary, May 31, 1861


"Friday, May 31st

    There is such a deep seated opposition on the part of our citizens to the occupancy of our city by the miserable bands now in our midst that a stranger with the least discernment might perceive the hostility upon the part of almost the whole of the community, as it exhibits itself in the perfect indifference with which officers and men are treated. Indeed our patriotic ladies carry their hatred of these mercenaries to such an extent that they have incurred the heartiest displeasure of these hirelings."

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