Diary, May 27, 1861

"View of Alexandria"
The New-York Illustrated News, June 8, 1861
Original from the Library's Collection
View of Alexandria, 1861

"Monday, May 27th

    Martial law is proclaimed and the Mayor's authority is suspended by a "Provost Marshall."   Intense excitement prevails at this high handed outrage & there are numbers who were formerly Union Men now denouncing these proceedings as unauthorized and unwarrantable assumptions of power; and furthermore they proclaim their oppostion to this unconstitutional party & promise hereafter a strict adherence to the Southern Confederacy.   The Alexandria Gazette, having refused to publish the proclamation announcing this high handed measure, the office was seized by the military and the proclamation printed therein by printers belonging to the Michigan rabble in our midst.   The Sentinel Office (Virginia Sentinel) in the meantime had been seized, searched and the types shamefully abused.
The Roundhouse
Original A.J. Russell photograph
from the Library's Collection
  The office of the Alexandria and Orange Rail Road Company was also broken into, their books destroyed and the trunks belonging to parties who left rather hurriedly on the morning of the 24th inst forced and their contents appropriated to the use of the spoilers.   And so great was the destruction here that a valuable Time Piece in use at the Depot was despoiled & rendered perfectly useless by these Vandals, precious representatives of a precious party."

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