Alexandria Library Five-Year Plan (2015-2020)

With the unveiling of this five-year plan, the Alexandria Library is excited to embark on a new course toward a vibrant future. Prior to drafting this plan, the Library completed an extensive data collection and needs assessment process. We spent months speaking with community leaders, residents, library users and staff. 


Based on this input we identified seven priority areas that will guide our work in the coming years:

• Support for Learners of All Ages

• Library Collections

• Technology Management and Access

• Library as a Community Hub

• Community Relations, Marketing and Branding

• Organizational Health and Development

• Fundraising and Advocacy


This direction will bolster our role as leaders in early literacy and lifelong learning, emphasize our collection of high quality materials, and empower our staff to navigate an ever-changing digital world. We are anxious to increase our engagement efforts and offer improved services to our diverse community. We are confident that this work will position the Library as a recognized contributor to the City of Alexandria.